June 12-July 12 2020 


A Coastal Experience as a Creative Influence for Making Art.


Artists-in-Residency.Catalunya (AIR.CAT) is an artist-run and publicly funded contemporary visual art residency based in Tossa de Mar, a small coastal town of 6,000 permanent residents located just one and a half hours north of Barcelona at the base of the Costa Brava in the heart of Catalunya, Spain. This residency experience is structured within four weeks, fusing creative production with outdoor physical interaction with the natural environment . Artists’ studios and exhibition space are both located in Tossa's Municipal Art Museum, situated within the historic walls of the 13th century Villa Vella, the medieval wall and towers that enclose the original village

The content of the AIR.CAT artist residency program is organized around the concept of the littoral. The littoral exists where two diametrically opposed entities interact.

AIR.CAT proposes the physical exploration of the Catalan littoral and the production of art in response to this coastal exploration..

Participating artists (a maximum of six residents will be accepted for Summer 2020) will produce art work reflecting their own interests and personal projects, to be presented in a public symposium and gallery exhibit at the Municipal Art Museum of Tossa de Mar on the last day of the program. The City of Tossa de Mar is a supporting partner of AIR.CAT through its Cultural Affairs Department and will host the symposium and sponsor the publication of a catalog of AIR.CAT’s residents' creative production.

The City of Tossa de Mar will also generously offer all six residents:

  • Free lodging (for the entire 4-week duration of the residency)

  • 24/7 work space/ atelier

  • A catered, well-promoted final exhibition at the Municipal Art Museum

  • A 500 Euro cash stipend