The Immersive Littoral: Snorkeling

Snorkel excursions depart from Codolar Cove and the north end of Mar Menuda.

The former expedition will take us around Cap Tossa, scouting the undersea terrain as the flora and fauna vary according to the transit of the sun. Early into the swim, there is a wide pool of relatively calm water and a remarkable cleft into the hillside that continues down into the water with some depth. Most of the swim will be a tour of a rocky face scrubbed with oxygenating wave action and there we will find the densest cluster of life forms, including varieties of shellfish and algae. If we are lucky, we might encounter octopus and to retain our luck, we will have to be mindful not to poke our hands into the crevices since they could be a home for moray eels. Mostly, the swim will be simultaneously relaxing, fascinating and invigorating. Finishing the expedition at the Playa Grande, the swill will take us into the northern face of Cap Tossa and several dark clefts of the undersea hillside.

The latter expedition begins at a popular divers' sortie point, a protected pool that opens out into the sea. Proceeding north along the coast, we will be taking a very close look at the many tide pools that we have seen from the treks and kayaks. Between these pools requires transits across open sea and the exertion will be rewarded with a multitude of hideaways and caves that we were intrepid enough to enter by kayak earlier in the course. We will see meadows of Posidonia oceanica, or Neptune Grass, its presence being a sign of a lack of pollution. This species of sea grass is known to be one of the earth's longest living creatures, and a recent scientific study has established that a colony of Posidonia oceanica off the coast of Ibiza has an age of approximately 100,000 years.

Participants in AIR.CAT snorkeling activities must have a basic familiarity with the equipment: mask, snorkel and fins. Gloves are recommended, and necessary for the ability to closely inspect the life abounding on the rocks. While this equipment is available for purchase in Tossa's several dive shops, the ideal is that participants already possess their own gear an even better if that gear has been already broken-in and is comfortable.