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There’s a Universe of Information AND INSPIRATION in Catalunya, Spain

Dennis Hollingsworth and Gerard Smulevich in Barcelona with a study-abroad group in Barcelona

Dennis Hollingsworth and Gerard Smulevich in Barcelona with a study-abroad group in Barcelona

Field Trip to Barcelona

During the second week of the AIR.CAT residency we will be offering a field trip to Barcelona, located just 1.5 hours away by bus from Tossa. There, we will spend an intense day experiencing art-specific cultural history and influences. All transportation and admission fees are covered by the AIR.CAT program fees.

Sagrada Familia  Project Director Jordi Fauli will offer a private construction site visit to AIR. CAT  residents.

Sagrada Familia Project Director Jordi Fauli will offer a private construction site visit to AIR.CAT residents.

Sagrada Familia:

The residents will be treated to a private hard-hat tour of the construction project site of Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia hosted by the Project Director himself, Architect Jordi Fauli. There we will visit the design studios where sculptors and technicians are computer-modeling, 3D-Printing and hand sculpting the complex geometrical forms of Gaudi’s formal vocabulary. We will also see the sculptor Subirachs’ sketches as well as Gaudi’s original models and formal studies.

Fundacion Joan Miro

We will then travel up Montjuic mountain overlooking the City and visit the museum that houses a wonderful collection of work by the Catalan abstract expressionist artist Joan Miro.

Museu de Arte de Catalunya

Just up the street a short walk from the Fundacion Miro is the Palau San Jordi that houses the largest historic collection of Catalan art in the country.

Museu Picasso

Our final museum visit will be to the Museu Picasso located on Carrer de Moncada in the Born district. This museum houses earlier works and a large number of sketches and drawings by the artist.

Barcelona PAVILION

Just down the steps from the Palau San Jordi we will find the German Pavilion for the 1929 World’s Fair by Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, a masterpiece both as a building and as an art installation piece.


There will be much to convey to the participants during AIR.CAT. The organizing parti pris (the chief organizing thought) of the program is embodied in the concept of the Littoral and its contents will be delivered in a multitude of settings.

Formal talks will include the introductory orientation, and presentations scheduled weekly. We will discuss Catalan culture, the history of Tossa, the history of art in Catalunya as it relates to Modern Art worldwide, the current state of Contemporary Art, the idea of the Littoral as a fusion of the physical and conceptual, and many more. Informal talks will naturally happen on the fly, during our treks, kayak and snorkel expeditions, and field trips.

Participants will be encouraged to maintain a sketchbook during the program to capture the butterflies of inspiration, impressions and content of the course. This record will be made available to the public during the Final Exhibition and Symposium at the Museu Municipal de Tossa de Mar on July 17 2019.

Studio Critiques

AIR.CAT is primarily focused on the creation of art work. At the end of the four week program, participants will unveil their creations to the public at large in an exhibition situated in the Museum of Art, Tossa de Mar.

Leading up to this occasion, your residency mentors Dennis and Gerard will be available for guidance and advice via studio critiques. We have years of experience both teaching formal classes in art and architecture and discussing art in studio visits with practicing artists worldwide. Our focus is discovering with the artist, the animating vision within each and discovering ways to express that inspiration into material form.