The Atelier/Studio

Espai Colomer;   the AIR. CAT residents’ secure studio/work-space  in the center of Tossa de Mar. Access is 24/7.

Espai Colomer; the AIR.CAT residents’ secure studio/work-space in the center of Tossa de Mar. Access is 24/7.

Tossa de Mar’s Department of Cultural Affairs has been generous to offer AIR.CAT both studio and exhibition spaces. The latter is located within the ancient fortifications of the old city overlooking Codolar Cove. The studio/work space is situated in the Espai Colomer, the name of a city-owned multipurpose space immediately adjacent to the Casa de Cultura, the main cultural administrative office of the city. The atelier space itself is spacious, it has great natural light, a commercial kitchen,two separate bathrooms with a shower, air conditioning and free wifi. It’s 5-7 minutes walking distance to the beach.

The name Colomer derives from a gentleman who once performed a remarkable amount of humanitarian work in his life. Señor Colomer’s portrait adorns the entryway, such is the city’s affection for him. Located near the entrance to town, just below the bus station on Avinguda Pelegri (Pilgrim's Avenue), it also sits across the street from an archaeological excavation of Roman ruins, the ancient roots of Tossa de Mar. As a studio space, it is ample in size and it has plenty of the amenities critical to a well functioning group studio: 24/7 access, air conditioning (June can be mild but the temps crank up the deeper into the summer you go), an actual commercial kitchen, two separate bathrooms with a shower, and of course all the tables and chairs six artist will ever need.

The Exhibition Space

The Municipal Museum holds a collection spanning from Roman artifacts recovered by archaeological excavations to traditional landscapes to early modern art. It is unique in that all of the content reflects art made entirely in Tossa de Mar, including works by Marc Chagall, André Masson, Jean Metzinger and Georges Kars. We have the special privilege to contribute and extend an aesthetic conversation persisting throughout the ages.

The Program’s final presentation/opening exhibit and symposium will be hosted on the ground-level rotating exhibition galleries of the Municipal Museum. This will be a public event with guests from Barcelona, Girona and will include artists, critics, gallerists and members of the specialized press. Residents will be asked to participate in a public panel discussion with a reception to follow, organized by the City of Tossa de Mar Department of Cultural Affairs.