Making Art


AIR.CAT is a thoughtful and creative environment organized around an understanding of a specific physical and cultural territory. The apex of this experience is the activity of making art and presenting one’s work to the community in a final symposium/exhibition and its publication.

Pedagogical Intentions


This Artists in residency program has the following goals set-forward for its participants:

  1. Receive, absorb, interpret, conceptualize and express feelings, imagination and intellection concerning the sequence of presentations about the experience and culture centered in Tossa de Mar.

  2. Maintain a journal/sketchbook recording their experiences, experimenting with quick sketching and note-taking techniques.

  3. Choose and negotiate one or more artistic media such as painting, film and photography, sculpture, collage, architecture, performance, installation, site-specific interventions.

  4. Discuss / identify the ideas, concepts and processes that are operative in their art work, drawing correlations between their work in relation to or in conflict with art history, establishing a link or disruptions between different artistic media within particular and multiple eras or movements.

  5. Participants are encouraged to cultivate teamwork, community, openness to experience... and simultaneously demonstrate independence, initiative, resourcefulness, and inventiveness.

  6. Finally, participants should be inclined to produce compelling visual art for the culminating presentation at the end of the program through a July 19th Public Symposium to be held at the City Museum of Art of Tossa de Mar.

Pan Genres Welcome


AIR.CAT is open to all media in the visual arts either singly or in tandem: architecture, drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, performance, installation, photography, digital, conceptual and site specific interventions. While AIR.CAT is a studio based experience, the vectors of the art work produced there must be directed toward Tossa and Catalunya and Spain in general.

Over the four weeks of the program participants will be encouraged to orient their imaginations and initiate their work with alacrity. Thoughts, impressions and feelings can find a physical expression as soon as they manifest, even and especially as they initially exist as mere inklings. The Program mentors have years of experience stewarding young artists through programs like this. Our combined professional history is extensive in the visual arts and we are at your service to help solve any related problems that may come your way.

The Atelier/Studio

Tossa de Mar’s Cultural Affairs has been generous to offer AIR.CAT studio and exhibition space within the Municipal Art Museum, located within the ancient fortifications of the old city overlooking Codolar Cove. With a collection spanning from Roman artifacts recovered by archeological excavations to traditional landscapes to early modern art, it is unique in that all of the content reflects art made entirely in Tossa. We have the special privilege to contribute and extend an aesthetic conversation persisting throughout the ages.