Gerard Smulevich at the opening of  Constructed Landscapes  at the WUHO Gallery in Hollywood, CA.

Gerard Smulevich at the opening of Constructed Landscapes at the WUHO Gallery in Hollywood, CA.

Gerard smulevich

(b. Los Angeles, 1961) is an urban landscape photographer and a Professor of architecture and photography based in Los Angeles. A graduate of both UCLA and the University of Buenos Aires, he has had several solo and collective exhibitions of his photography, including solo shows in Atlanta, Rhode Island and Los Angeles as well as collective shows in Berlin and Los Angeles. As a close collaborator of master photographer Julius Shulman, Gerard has developed a critical position on photography rooted in an interest for urban form, its landscape and its meaning. His photographic portrait of Julius Shulman has been extensively published and included in a three-volume book “Modernism Rediscovered, the Photography of Julius Shulman”, edited by Benedikt Taschen and published by Taschen Publications (2008). He was also the photographer for the book and exhibition “How Many Billboards? Art Instead” edited by Peter Noever, Director of the MAK Museum/Vienna. Gerard is a full-time Professor of Architecture at Woodbury University in Burbank, California (including directing a study-abroad program in Barcelona and Berlin for 16 years), and a Visiting Associate Professor at the School of Architecture and Urban Design (FADU) of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is also both a former kayaking instructor in Marina Del Rey, California and a former competitive kayaker.

Dennis Hollingsworth at work in his Tossa de Mar studio.

Dennis Hollingsworth at work in his Tossa de Mar studio.

Dennis hollingsworth

(American, b. 1956, Madrid, Spain) is a painter and registered architect based in both New York City and Tossa de Mar, Spain, who has been a practicing visual artist for more than 30 years. He obtained his Bachelor of Architecture degree from CalPoly San Luis Obispo and an Master of Fine Art from Claremont Graduate School in 1991. He taught architectural studio as an adjunct professor for 8 years. Represented by Galerie Richard in New York and Paris, Michael Kohn Gallery Los Angeles and Galerie Miguel Marcos Barcelona, he has shown his work in exhibitions around the world including Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and of course Spain and the USA. His painting harnesses the physical nature of impasto to expand the the possibilities of the medium. Expanding a unique vocabulary in paint, he makes vivid the vitality in a medium that had frequently declared by many to be dead and done. An avid diver with many years of experience snorkeling in the calas along the Costa Brava littoral he has developed much of his production influenced by his observation of the underwater landscapes surrounding Tossa de Mar. Dennis has had a permanent studio in Tossa since 2003.

alberto Pshopped.jpg

Alberto Barcia Fernández

(Spanish. b. 1982 in Tossa de Mar) is a Catalan artist who lives and works between Mallorca and Budapest. He studied at the Escola d´arts aplicades La Llotja in Barcelona between the years 2001 and 2003.  After school, he has lived and  worked in Berlin for six years and has experience in Los Angeles working as an artist assistant.  He has shown his work in Barcelona and Berlin and has performed in Miskolc (Hungary) and Madrid. 

Contrasts illuminate his art work.  His medium negotiates between painting and performance.  His painting is half way between figuration and abstraction, organic and geometric, accident and precision, the palpable and the ephemeral. The practice of art making for him places equal importance both inside and outside of his studio, bridging a psyche simultaneously personal and communitarian.  This oscillation between polarities is anchored by his Mediterranean origin, by that very particular quality of light, sea and land.