Expenses and Subsidies



Expenses borne by each participant for a 4-week residency:

  • Airfare to Barcelona (book your tickets early and shop for the best price for you!)

  • Bus fare to and from Tossa de Mar from El Prat Airport: less than 30 euros round trip.

  • Group Activities: (Estimated at less than 250 euros ). This includes equipment rentals and field trips.

  • Food: We recommend a budget of 50 euros per day. Of course, this depends on the appetite and discernment of each resident.

  • Heath/Travel Insurance: Proof of health insurance coverage is required for participation in AIR.CAT. Purchasing a Health/Travel insurance package for the entire summer can generally be purchased for about 125 euros/ person.

Materials for art production:

Participants should expect to arrive ready to make their art work. Specialty art materials are in limited supply within Tossa de Mar, proper. Participants are individually responsible for procuring supplies specific to their own practice.

The nearest art supply store is Barna Art, located in Barcelona. There is a limited availability of conventional art supplies within Tossa. There is also an unlimited availability of unconventional art supplies in the city as well.


All lodging, studio space, final exhibition event expenses and a 500 Euro cash stipend for other expenses are all covered by the City of Tossa de Mar for AIR.CAT resident artists.

  • Free Studio Work Space (Espai Colomer, accessible 24/7): Courtesy of the City Government of Tossa de Mar.

  • Free Lodging (4 weeks, a 2,000 Euro value): Courtesy of the City Government of Tossa de Mar.

  • Stipend: €500 cash stipend given to each resident artist, courtesy of the City Government of Tossa de Mar.

  • Free Exhibition Space: Located in the Municipal Art Museum of Tossa de Mar. Catering and promotion/advertisement of the event will be included.

The Value of AIR.CAT

Each participating resident artist will be receiving a value approaching or exceeding 4,000 Euros in exchange for travelling to Tossa de Mar for the purpose of making and exhibiting art to a highly appreciative audience in a public museum of art.

AIR.CAT would like to deeply thank the City Government of Tossa de Mar for their enthusiastic encouragement and generous contributions towards the success of this residency.