Schedule and Costs



Prepaid fixed expenses:

  • Equipment rentals: $210

  • Field trip to Barcelona: $120

  • Field trip to Cadaques: $120

  • Group activities: $200

  • Administrative fees: $950

Total Program Fees: US $1,600.00

Lodging for one month: US $1,200.00

Airfare, food, art-production materials and incidental expenses are responsibility of each selected resident.

Materials for art production:

Participants should expect to arrive ready to make their art work. Specialty art materials are in limited supply within Tossa de Mar, proper. Participants are individually responsible for procuring supplies specific to their own practice. The nearest art supply store is Barna Art, located in Barcelona.

Inlcuded for AIR.CAT by the City of Tossa de Mar:

  • Studio work space (accessible 24-7) incl. chars and tables, located atop the City Museum of Art in the Old City.

  • Gallery exhibition space: Open to the public on the ground floor of the City Museum of Art.

  • Studio Wifi access


  • January 15th 2019: Submissions for residency are due.

  • February 1st 2019: Residencies announced.

  • February 15th 2019: 50% Program Fees deposit (US $800)

  • April 1st 2019: 50% balance of Program fees due (US $800)

  • June 15th AM arrival in Barcelona, bus to Tossa de Mar from airport or Estacio Nord (if already in-town).

  • Arrival in Tossa noon June 15th. reception dinner with program mentors.

  • July 12th: Gallery opening and symposium on The Four Littorals.

Send application materials or any questions to